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Plastico Film is on the making of new documentaries for TV while writing the screenplay of its first feature film.

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Plastico Film release "Working Progress." A documentary series of four episodes about Artificial Intelligence.

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Plastico Film offers production and postproduction services for German TV channels like SAT1, ZDF, PRO7, RBB, and ARD.

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Plastico Film offers production services for the Emmy-nominated documentary "The Golden Phoenix" produced by Acrobat Film for Wowow (Japan)

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Plastico Film collaborates on various production for brands like eBay Germany and the Climate Action Network(CAN)

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The short film "Clouds" is shown at the "Short Film Corner" at Cannes

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Director-producer Aldo Montesano founds Plastico Film in Berlin, Germany

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What we do

Founded in 2012 in Berlin, Plastico Film has been filling a niche in the media landscape by producing high-quality short films, documentaries, and promotions for both online and television platforms. Led by producer and director Aldo Montesano, we have successfully bridged the gap between technical skills and creative storytelling. Our extensive knowledge of production and post-production, gained through working on various projects for major German broadcasters, infuses our work with depth and technical integrity.
Specializing in documentaries, short films, television pieces, and commercials, Plastico Film prides itself on its holistic approach to content creation. We manage the entire production process from start to finish and put much effort into research, shooting, and post-production. Our commitment to fostering team creativity and delivering content that engages our audience on multiple levels sets us apart.
Our desire to become a major player in the film and television industry grows stronger as we embark on upcoming projects such as a technology-themed TV documentary, a short film about technological marginalization, and our first feature film script. Plastico Film is more than just a production company. We are a team of storytellers, innovators, and creators dedicated to developing stories that inspire, challenge and entertain. Welcome to Plastico Film.
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